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X-Factor Hypnosis

"Hypnotic Coaching, Rapidly, Efficiently, and Permanently, rewrites negative limiting beliefs and patterns to help leaders like you exceed in every area of your life."

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The X-Factor Coach, in Edina, MN, is the area's premier hypnotherapy specialist serving Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Bloomington, Richfield and surrounding areas since 2016. We also serve clients around the world with remote online sessions. We specialize in peak performance for entrepreneurs. For more information, contact The X-Factor Coach in Edina.

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Edina, MN | Eden Prairie, MN | Richfield, MN | Bloomington, MN | Minneapolis, MN | St. Louis Park, MN | Hopkins, MN | Minnetonka, MN

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On 6/24/2024 Rvampp Brand Consulting LLC had this to say:
Prior to working with Joshua, I was grappling with imposter syndrome in my business and was constantly plagued by "what ifs" in my personal life, all surrounded by intense anxiety. Anxiety has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it was starting to take a huge toll. After working with Joshua, I'm amazed at what I can handle now. Identifying anxiety as the root cause of many of my issues, we tackled it head-on. Joshua introduced me to exercises that helped put my anxiety at bay and filled my mental toolbox with effective strategies to manage the situations at the forefront of my struggles. I honestly feel like I've done a complete 180 in both my business and personal life because of Joshua. His process and passion worked overtime to help me, and the results have been incredible. If I could give advice to anyone struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, I would say walk into a session with Joshua with an open mind and open heart. The changes you will see are lifelong and beautiful.

On 4/26/2024 Jason T Baker! had this to say:
Hypnosis sessions were deep and powerful and really helped a lot. Was having performance anxiety and trying to reach new goals in my chiropractic practice. I was stuck at a plateau and Joshua's X-Factor Hypnosis definitely helped. Helped me break out of my comfort zone and I'm on the path to my next goal.

On 4/3/2024 Gregg K had this to say:
Highly recommended! If you are thinking hypnosis may help, see Joshua. You will be pleased. He is personable to the degree you feel like his only patient.

On 2/23/2024 Jai McPheron had this to say:
Working with Joshua was super helpful in helping me tame my intense mind. It was interesting to witness my improvement each week. The 6 week hypnotherapy was crucial in me being able to not only witness my mind but be able to make the choices differently then my survival/trauma mind was suggesting!

On 2/8/2024 Alexandra Youngblood had this to say:
Before I reached out for X-Factor Hypnosis, I was feeling incredibly stressed out due to my fear of public speaking. It was affecting my business and personal life, causing me a great deal of anxiety and limiting my opportunities for growth. The results I've experienced have been truly transformative. Working with Joshua I've been able to overcome my fear of public speaking and now feel confident and empowered whenever I need to speak in front of others. I'm no longer held back by anxiety, and I'm able to pursue opportunities. What I liked most about the process was how effective it was. The sessions were tailored to my specific needs and goals, and I could feel myself making progress with each session. The techniques and strategies I learned have been invaluable in not only overcoming my fear of public speaking but also in other areas of my life. If you're thinking about doing this work, I would highly encourage you to go for it. Hypnotic coaching can be incredibly powerful in helping you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Be open-minded, trust the process, and be prepared to put in the effort – the results are so worth it.

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X-Factor Hypnosis
7300 Metro Blvd Suite 340 Edina, MN 55439
Phone: (612) 504-9766

North of 494 and France Avenue. Inside the Bhakti Wellness Center

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